Assets tracking Scientific Beta indices reach USD 10.3bn

Written on 02 June 2016.

In terms of geographical distribution, these assets are located in North America (59%), Europe (35%) and Asia-Pacific (6%).

There are also 10 exchange-traded funds (ETFs) replicating Scientific Beta indices listed on the New York Stock Exchange, the London Stock Exchange, Euronext Paris, Deutsche Börse and Borsa Italiana.

The success of the Scientific Beta Multi-Beta Multi-Strategy indices and the interest of institutional investors are clearly based on the impressive live track record of the indices. The Scientific Beta multi-smart-factor indices, which allocate to four Smart Factor Indices (Mid-Cap, Value, Momentum and Low Volatility), have a live track record that shows annualised outperformance of 4.51% compared to their cap-weighted benchmark.

Commenting on the fact that assets tracking Scientific Beta indices had broken through the USD 10bn mark, Noël Amenc, CEO of ERI Scientific Beta, said, “ERI Scientific Beta’s approach to smart beta index provision is based on three guiding principles: more academic rigour, more transparency, and less cost. It is extremely gratifying to see that these principles have proven to be attractive to our clients. Crucially, the academic consensus and concern for robustness that underlie the design of our smart beta indices can be seen not only in our long-term track records, but also in our live performances.”

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