Do Graduate Programmes keep their promises?

Written on 11 March 2015.


The EDHEC NewGen Talent Centre unveils the results from the third chapter of the survey on the paradoxes of retaining young talent. The title of this chapter: Graduate Programmes: costly “toy” for employer branding or effective talent-retention mechanism?
View the results of the first survey of young participants in Graduate Programmes here! This first-ever extensive survey of young participants in Graduate Programmes is designed to help Talent Managers to set up and evaluate Graduate Programmes.

The issues concerned with integrating and retaining young talent are a priority for business leaders around the world. Graduate Programmes started out many years ago in the English-speaking world, where they have since become a near-standard element of the recruitment process. Graduate programmes are a big attraction for new-generation talent, and French companies are showing a growing interest in setting up these types of programmes.

However, with 43% of young graduates leaving their first job in under 20 months*, are Graduate Programmes a more effective way of retaining new-generation talent or are they a costly means of promoting the employer brand? Do they keep all of their promises?

“Graduate Programmes are a big hit with young graduates. They appear to be the most highly-developed set of practices for integrating new generations of talent, as they concentrate the ingredients most sought-after and appreciated by young graduates: challenging programmes offering continuous learning, a variety of assignments, international perspectives, and support via coaching and mentoring,” observes Manuelle Malot, Director of the EDHEC NewGen Talent Centre.

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