EDHEC Business School Professor Christophe Roquilly named Dean of Faculty and Research

Written on 07 October 2014.

New dean vows to bolster academic research, recruit 40 new professors in 5 years, and create a pedagogical model unique to the EDHEC brand.

EDHEC Business School is proud to announce the appointment of EDHEC Law Professor Christophe Roquilly as Dean of Faculty and Research, a post at the heart of the “EDHEC for Business” strategy: An institution recognised for the impact of its research and teaching on business and the society at large.

Dean Roquilly’s appointment comes as EDHEC launches an ambitious 5-year business plan, one that envisions further internationalisation of the school’s research, academic programmes and student enrolment. These moves and others will place EDHEC at the forefront of business education in France.

Dean Roquilly has already created a new Pedagogical Innovation department, headed by Associate Professor Vincent Van Peteghem, an will launch a “Pedagogical Innovation Lab” to test new teaching and learning methods, a project that reflects his dedication to students and their success. Roquilly replaces Dean Stéphane Gregoir, who was appointed Director of Methodology, Statistical Coordination International Relations at INSEE, the French national centre of statistics and economic studies.
“I feel very honoured to be taking on this new position and am very excited about the challenges ahead,” said Dean Roquilly. “My main objective is to continue to recruit top professors and to ensure that EDHEC research has an impact – in France and beyond. Another goal is to be more proactive in promoting EDHEC research. It is very important to show our stakeholders, including our students and alumni, how EDHEC research impacts the economy and how it responds to corporate needs.”

Since he joined EDHEC in 1989, Dean Roquilly has led many important projects, including the creation of the school’s Research Centre on Law, EDHEC Master of Science in Law and Tax Management and the double degree in Business Management and Law with the Faculté Libre de Droit. Dean Roquilly is also the co-author with Philippe Coen, President of the European Company Lawyers Association, of a 2014 White Paper concerning the complex role of in-house corporate lawyers. This paper culminates with 20 recommendations to improve the legal recognition of the independent quality of the company lawyer.

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