EDHEC Family Business Global Executive MBA in Singapore

Written on 22 May 2014.



Participants to the EDHEC Family Business GEMBA just finished their 3rd Module, spending 10 days in Singapore. As part of their structured programme, they followed courses such as Supply Chain Management, Social Innovation, Intrapreneurship and Entrepreneurship in Asia and Corporate Strategy for Family Businesses, and enjoyed a productive workshop in Design Thinking along with FBN-Asia members who were specially invited to this session.
Participants also had a media training aimed to develop their skills as spokespersons in front of crisis management or unexpected situations with journalists.

Along with these courses, they met with local family businesses in numerous occasions, during which Participants would share experiences and best practices as well as business cards for potential collaborations. One of the first meetings with several local businesses was set by Serena Kao, Chairwoman of San Teh Foundation, a private and perpetual family foundation which utilizes only family funds for charity, being a quite successful philanthropic activity in Asia.

Other networking events were also organized with local EDHEC Alumni and FBN-Asia members to facilitate GEMBA Participants to the different communities. Next module of the EDHEC Family Business GEMBA will take place in Nice, at the end of October. In this 4th module, participants will have courses on how financing growth of family firms, corporate governance and mergers and acquisitions. Once again, they will visit local family businesses and meet with the current generation in charge. Want to know more about the EDHEC Family Business GEMBA programme?  The EDHEC Family Business GEMBA is the first Executive MBA specifically created for the future leaders of Family Businesses. It is a tailor-made programme for #nextgen leaders, either family members or executive members. The programme meets the triple requirement of modern family businesses: Strategic Entrepreneurship Imperative, Family Dynamics Management, and Family Business Leadership. The Family Business GEMBA is both based on the research of EDHEC Family Business Centre and on the close approach EDHEC Business School maintains with the business world.  To know more about the EDHEC Family Business Global Executive MBA, contact us:   Romuald GALLET
+33 (0)1 53 32 76 62



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