EDHEC Global MBA Placement 2012

Written on 05 July 2013.

The report shows that while almost half the most recently graduated class had accepted a job offer before the end of the EDHEC Global MBA programme, over 80% were in employment 4 months after the programme. 70% are employed in Europe with France and UK being the top places of employment. Almost 50% of the graduates currently works outside their home country.

38% of the class found jobs through networking and 26% through EDHEC alumni or offers. Most had 8 yrs of work experience prior to their MBA.

The diversity of the student body reflects in the diversity of positions. Top employment sectors include in order: Financial Services, Manufacturing, Consulting and Pharmaceuticals/Life Sciences. Employers from the surveyed batch include ABN Amro, Amadeus, BNP Paribas, Booz and Co, PWC, France Biotech… Principal job functions are in Marketing, Sales and Business Development followed by Consulting/Strategy, General Management, Finance and Technology with job titles such as General Manager, Senior Manager, Senior Consultant, Associate, Product Manager, Market and Business Analyst.

True to EDHEC’s entrepreneurial spirit, 12% of last year’s class set up their own business. Several of these businesses were conceived as part of the Entrepreneurship track and several have benefitted from EDHEC’s own business incubator, “EYE”.
Salary growth is strong, all the more so as while the Economist ranking simply indicates salary growth of MBA graduates, it does not take into account the difference in each MBA programme’s class profile.

The EDHEC Global MBA has a particularly international and experienced class. While salary growth is at 85% for some participants, the average post-MBA salary growth rate for the 2012 class is 40%, reflective of a cohort with significant professional experience (8 years on average) and placement on 5 continents, with an average post EDHEC Global MBA salary of $94,048 (ranging from $52,394 to $161,113 annually).

Of those currently seeking jobs, 20% have held another job since graduation and/or refused job offers, others are awaiting work authorization for international positions, postponing the job search or seeking an offer which would allow them to make a major career shift.

A full report on how EDHEC performs with particular regards to career services in 2012 can be seen in the Economist ranking. MBA students and alumni gave an outstanding 4.3 to EDHEC Global MBA career services, i.e. 4th in the world and 1st in France.

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