An EDHEC graduate contributing to the renown of our brand

Written on 13 September 2012.


Surrounded by one hundred or so first-year students, Olivier Oger warmly thanked this exceptional alum and stressed the importance of the role of each EDHEC student and graduate in contributing to the renown of the brand.This gift was given in the context of the EDHEC Rising Talents campaign, the aim of which is to finance new projects at EDHEC and to increase the number of scholarships awarded to students.
Anne Zuccarelli describes Stéphane Lagut’s career and the ties he has always maintained with the School since his graduation. Personal and professional ties that are a token of his attachment to EDHEC. As it turns out, it was with emotion that he explained that he was convinced of the importance of the bond between generations: “EDHEC’s reputation is made not only by alumni with brilliant careers but also by new generations of students who are now increasing the standing of the School and its diploma through their excellence and their abilities.”Stéphane has forged ties between Ernst & Young, where he works, and EDHEC, and as a result he has made it possible for many young EDHEC graduates to work for his firm: “After having promoted EDHEC on the professional level, I wanted make a personal impact on the lives of the students and make the student centre the heart of student life on campus.”  The president of the student union concluded this event by thanking Stéphane warmly on behalf of all of the students.

 More about Stéphane Lagut, EDHEC class of 1990
A junior auditor in 1990, Stéphane very soon took on major missions and responsibilities at Ernst & Young, where he became partner in 2003. That year, he left for Tokyo, where he opened E & Y Japan’s French Business Center; he also does work on the Asia region. He is currently head of the Tokyo office, where he coordinates the global audit of Nissan, and he is likewise member of the Global Executive Committee for the automobile and insurance industries. From Japan, he has maintained ties to the School: he has, among other things, taught on the intercontinental track in Nagoya; since his arrival in Japan, he has been an EDHEC ambassador, a position in which leads the local network of EDHEC graduates.

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