EDHEC NewGen Talent Centre Launches

Written on 31 May 2013.


Much has been written about the latest generations in the last ten years or so. At the same time, employers are dealing with global job markets and must compete to source and retain global talent. How, then, have employers learnt to respond to the expectations of recent graduates?
EDHEC Business School used this question as a point of departure for the creation of the EDHEC NewGen Talent Centre, a centre from which to observe the attitudes and motivations of the members of the latest generation.
EDHEC NewGen Talent Centre’s mission, then, is to observe the members of the newest generation, to survey them about their work, with the point being to help smooth their way into the job market and into professional life. The centre is headed by Manuelle Malot, director of careers and prospects at EDHEC. She has more than fifteen years of experience consulting with companies on hiring and completing skills assessments of recent graduates and experienced managers alike.
To mark its 30 May 2013 launch on the Paris campus, the EDHEC NewGen Talent Centre is publishing an inaugural study comparing the expectations of recent graduates and employers’ needs. Anne Zuccarelli, director of academic programmes at EDHEC, says, ‘In keeping with our “EDHEC for Business” strategy, we are always lending employers an ear, in particular when it comes to their needs for managerial skills. Every year, we prepare roughly 6 000 students, and we must conceive, enrich and develop our programmes and their learning objectives by comparing students’ expectations and employers’ needs. By feeding the school’s programmes and serving as a gauge of their relevance, the NewGen Talent Centre will be a superb vantage point from which to forge ties between the latest generation of students and employers.’

The conclusions of this initial study highlight the compatibility of recent graduates’ expectations and employers’ needs:

  • Recent graduates are well suited to meeting employers requirements
  • Recent graduates prepare to achieve their goals by developing skills in keeping with their ambitions and with employer needs
  • Employers offer graduate recruitment programmes that make them more of a draw to the latest generations and enable them to source global talent and highlight the variety of possible assignments on offer

Read the complete study at www.edhecnewgentalent.com

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