EDHEC-Risk Days Conferences for the First Time on 3 Continents

Written on 27 September 2012.

EDHEC-Risk Institute

EDHEC’s commitment to business is strongly embedded in the development of our programmes and is organised around six research centres: LegalEdhec, Family Business, Retail Management, Financial Analysis & Accounting, Economics, and EDHEC-Risk Institute, the global leading international centre for applied financial research.

EDHEC-Risk Institute has expanded its conference activities to Asia in 2012 and will be expanding them to North America in 2013. The EDHEC-Risk conference format provides an unrivalled platform for industry practitioners and academic representatives to meet and exchange views on the current research topics of most relevance to the investment management industry. This unique research is produced by the professors and researchers of EDHEC-Risk Institute. With the research conferences it organises across Europe and around the world, EDHEC receives more business leaders than any other business school in Europe.

In 2012, EDHEC-Risk Institute merged its two annual flagship conferences in Europe into a single three-day event, EDHEC-Risk Days Europe, which brought together more than 800 European institutional investors and investment management professionals. In 2012, the Institute exported its conference concept to Asia to give Asia-based finance professionals easier access to state-of-the-art research in investment and risk management. In 2013, the Institute will export this concept to North America to provide finance professionals in the region with its brand of state-of-the-art applied research in investment and risk management.

Our five finance-related MSc programmes are enriched by the research done by our centres. Drawing on this expertise and taught by a world-class faculty, these programmes are consistently at the top of worldwide & national rankings and benefit from such strategic partners as Société Générale, a sponsor of the MSc in Corporate Finance; the MSc in Finance, a CFA Partner Programme, was recently ranked the sixth best MSc in Finance in the world by the Financial Times.

Boasting a leading research centre combined with the expertise of international faculty members who blend both academic excellence and industry experience, EDHEC is a natural choice for candidates eager to start a career in finance in positions such as financial directors, business analysts, credit analysts, corporate treasurers, brokers, security analysts, financial controllers among others.

EDHEC research offers our students a training ground that prepares them for the challenges they will face in today’s businesses, thus making EDHEC candidates a first choice for recruiters, as suggested by the latest employment statistics for students in the MSc in Finance: 60% of our students have signed their contracts before leaving school.

This considerable research effort is cited in the five largest-circulation economic publications (Financial Times, Wall Street Journal Europe and Asia, The Economist, and BusinessWeek) more often than that of any other school in continental Europe.

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