Written on 07 October 2011.

INTERVIEW with Benoit Arnaud

LE FIGARO: What is the International Ethics Board, launched by Edhec in July?

Benoit Arnaud: Following the merger of MIP and Edhec, the three founders of MIP asked for an Ethics Board to be created: It is an international body where companies can confront their points of view on ethics with lecturers from Edhec. Top managers and entrepreneurs - for example, Claude Bébéar and Eric Boudais de Charbonnière - are keen for this subject to be studied. Through the International Ethics Board, companies bring us the subjects that will be issues for concern in five years. The research carried out by our lecturers represents a starting point for us.  Companies will be informed of this work through the newsletter, in particular, which 50,000 exectutives and managers in France are already subscribed to, and it will be instilled in our training programmes, both in initial and continuous training.


How will participants of the Executive MBA benefit from this research?

Three fields, in particular, concern these professionals: Studying corporate organisation, with the boundaries between private and professional life, which are changing under the effect of new technologies; law, with for example, the issue of knowing how an international group manages the different legislation in different countries where it is present; and finally, the transmission of corporate values, a trends that comes from the USA and which is generating more and more interest among new generations of companies that are creating their own value systems and asking their employees to adhere to them. 


What place is given to this type of issue in the Executive MBA?

The Executive MBA offers a decision-making module ("décision et discernement"), giving participants the opportunity to think about their professional values and to measure their impact on decision-making. Students are more and more interested in this type of approach, where they take time to re-examine their professional life.

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