The entrepreneurial spirit shines bright at EDHEC

Written on 03 April 2015.


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Since its foundation in 2010, EDHEC Young Entrepreneurs (EYE) has encouraged and supported students, alumni and partners in their new business start-up projects and supports projects throughout France.

Around 10 companies are currently incubated on the Nice campus: EYE’s role is to provide flexible and effective support to EDHEC students and alumni wishing to set up their own companies. It therefore acts as a bridge between the tuition provided by the various programmes and incorporates EDHEC Business School’s values of excellence.

The incubator’s most recent commission in March examined several start-up projects, conceived under the names of BOATYNG, AQUAPONICE , NEOCAST , ALUXIA and INCEPT EVENT.

• BOATYNG is developing a boat rental concept via a website,, which will allow individuals to rent boats between themselves, via a peer-to-peer system involving online payment and management of secured guarantees.
• AQUAPONICE is a start-up project geared to creating and selling hydroponic systems for use by individuals. The project’s founder, Pierre Bauthéac, originates from the Cordées de l’Entrepreneuriat programme for would-be entrepreneurs from disadvantaged neighbourhoods.
• NEOCAST groups together various parties involved in creating content, such as video makers, businesses and schools.
• ALUXIA aims to sell new and existing property on behalf of third parties.
• INCEPTION EVENTS seeks to create one-off and recurring events on the French Riviera.

The EYE teams in Lille and Paris are assisting 70 businesses that have created 400 jobs and raised over €8m in funds.

The latest EYE Paris commission in March 2015 selected three new projects for support:

• ITRobots, a project developed by Gonzague Gridel and his engineering partner, and which designs, manufactures and sells small robots for SMEs.
• Solybox, a social solidarity shopping project, that combines surplus stocks of well-known fashion brands, an NGO and women shoppers! A magnificent project developed by Camille Havis.
• Faéry Jewels, the brainchild of Qian Yang, which focuses on a new jewellery brand and seeks to apply the ancestral know-how of Chinese craftsmen to western style.

EYE aims to be supporting over 100 start-ups by the end of this year.


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