New academic year 2020: EDHEC announces the arrival of nine new professors

Written on 15 September 2020.

EDHEC Business School is strengthening its teaching faculty with the arrival of nine new professors and researchers. This recruitment furthers the School’s strategy of expanding its faculty in line with its new 2025 plan - Impact Future Generations – which aims to hire 10 new professors a year without any significant increase in student numbers. These new recruitments will expand dissemination of the faculty’s research work and teaching expertise in all of EDHEC’s programmes.

Training engaged leaders is a priority for EDHEC and the School’s strategic model is based on producing and disseminating research of real practical use to society, businesses and students. In light of the economic, social, technological and environmental challenges facing society, the first objective of these new professors will be to prepare students to make a positive impact on society.

EDHEC is bolstering its teaching faculty in disciplines that resonate with its strategic priorities: entrepreneurship, artificial intelligence and more particularly the field of law, where two new professors are joining the EDHEC Augmented Law Institute. This very-newly created Institute aims to become a go-to player worldwide in terms of augmented law, whether in terms of its offering of training solutions, devised from a hybridisation standpoint, or its research programmes, centred on the impact of new technologies on law and legal practices.

Including these new recruits, EDHEC now has 177 professors and researchers.

At EDHEC, we are furthering our recruitment strategy geared to strengthening and diversifying our teaching faculty in terms of disciplines, profiles and nationalities. We are welcoming nine high-level international professors who combine academic excellence with high-quality teaching, and are connected to the world of business and its current issues

underlines Christophe Roquilly, Associate Dean for Faculty and Research at EDHEC Business School

EDHEC is pleased to announce the arrival of nine new professors:

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