Opening Eyes to Handicap on 4 February!

Written on 26 January 2015.


 The day is geared to fostering the professional insertion of disabled persons and to raising awareness among EDHEC students and staff of the various types of disabilities, sports for persons with disabilities, and management issues that concern persons with disabilities. The day will mark the start of a campaign to raise awareness of non-visible disabilities to be run jointly by EDHEC and BETC. 

  • The first session from 10am to 12am will comprise of round tables and discussion workshops involving representatives of the business world and organisations working with disabled people. A number of key questions will be considered: How can handicapped workers be better integrated into companies? What jobs can be assigned to the handicapped? How can the workplace be adapted to suit the needs of the handicapped?
  • The day then continues from noon to 2pm with a number of activities designed to raise awareness among EDHEC students and staff of various issues related to disability such as  sports activities for persons with disabilities and management issues. Activities will include, amongst others, a percussion show presented by the Quanta association, a blindfold painting workshop, an initiation to Braille, an initiation to sign language, a blind-tasting workshop and a wheelchair course.

 Music’All is a not-for-profit association regulated by France’s Law of 1901 and founded in 1996 with an artistic, social and charitable purpose. Each year, the association works with mentally handicapped children from the IM Pro Le Roitelet educational institution and the Les Papillons Blancs de Tourcoing association to create a musical that is performed on stage. The ensuing profits are donated to a selected project for the disabled. For more information:

Organisation des Jeux Omnisports (OJO) is a recently-created not-for-profit association regulated by France’s Law of 1901 and which was set up to organise a multi-sport competition between students of HEC, ESSEC, ESCP, EDHEC, EM Lyon and Audencia. The association also seeks to raise participants’ awareness of handicapped sport and handicap management issues and to bring them into contact with handicapped athletes  during the event. 

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