In an era of relentless change, many organisations are ill-prepared to make strategic decisions and deliver at pace. Based on more than a decade of research, this paper shows that driving desirable futures requires an integrated set of practices for detecting, sensing and acting on change in a manner that is aligned to the rate of change in the environment in which the organisation operates. The paper also shows that future FITness leads to superior firm performance in the mid-term. Future FITness refers to the ability of an organisation to create foresight, innovation and transformation (FIT) advantages.


René Rohrbeck

Professor of Strategy, Director of the Chair for Foresight, Innovation and Transformation, EDHEC Business School

Camelia Ram

Research affiilate, Chair for Foresight, Innovation and Transformation, EDHEC Business School

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Type: EDHEC Publication
Date: le 28/10/2019
Source : [White Paper]

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