Neutrality of Market Neutral Funds

Using an original database of 634 market neutral hedge funds, this study formally analyses the market neutrality of market neutral funds which are particular in the hedge fund universe since the only objective of these funds is to provide positive returns completely independent of the market conditions.

Author(s) :

Daniel Capocci

Research Associate, Edhec Risk and Asset Management Research CentrePhD candidate, Department of Management, HEC - University of Liège

We start by analysing this neutrality using various market neutral indices before focusing on individual fund returns. Finally, an analysis based on ex-post beta helps us explaining and confirming our previous results. We perform this analysis over the global January 1993-December 2002 period as well as on bull and bear market periods.
Neutrality of Market Neutral Funds...
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Type : Working paper
Date : le 06/06/2005
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Research Cluster : Finance

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