PELGRIN Florian, PhD


Speciality : Economics
Expertise : Digital and IT

EDHEC Business School
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Florian Pelgrin, PhD is a professor at the Economics Research Centre and Director of the EDHEC's MSc Data Analytics & Digital Business. He worked at the OECD, at the Bank of Canada and the University of Lausanne - HEC and is a consultant the Banque de France (structural and forecast Bayesian models). He has obtained his doctorate in 2005 at the University of Paris I - Panthéon Sorbonne. He conducts research in statistics/econometrics, economics of the health (life-value of life and impact of insurance plans), on the study of agent behaviours (consumption, portfolio selection, spending, etc.) life cycle, and monetary policy. It has resulted in international publications (Review of Economic Studies, Journal of Monetary Economics, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Journal of Econometrics, Econometric Reviews, Economic Letters, Journal of Health Economics), as well as reports (Banque de France), OECD, Louis Bachelier Institute).

Main academic publications

The Economic Journal (2021), Health Economics (2020), Swiss Finance Institute Research Paper (2018), Econometric Reviews (2016), Economics Letters (2014), Review of Economics Studies (2013), Journal of Monetary Economics (2011), Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control (2010), Journal of international Money and Finance (2008), Economie et Prévisions (2008), Journal of Econometrics (2005)

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EDHEC Publications

Health Economics, Volume29, Issue2, February 2020, Pages 138-153
"Nous proposons tout d’abord un état des lieux de l’organisation de la formation dans le football et des mesures spécifiques mises en œuvre. ...
Swiss Finance Institute Research Paper No. 18-27, 2018
Statistics & Probability Letters, Volume 130, November 2017, Pages 63-70