Assistant Professor

Speciality : Strategy & Operations

24 avenue Gustave Delory
CS 50411
59057 Roubaix Cedex 1

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Mohamed Benmerikhi obtained his degree in aeronautical engineering from the University of Salford. He then joined British aerospace to work on a CFD project for supersonic missiles and the EFA fighter aircraft (later to become Eurofighter Typhoon). Subsequently, Mohamed worked on developing an alternative career path by joining Coopers and Lybrand (which was later fused with Price Waterhouse to become PWC). He then, integrated the Don Giovanni’s group operations and business development team until 2008 when he started his involvement with Manchester Business school working on a leadership focused project mandated by a large international corporation. In 2010, he came to France to take charge of a European-funded project in the form of a consortium led by Polytech-Lille. The project developed an intelligent transport system for routing containers in small to medium ports. This project was used with a participant-observation qualitative approach as a research setting for his thesis which he has recently completed.

Mohamed has been a member of the PMI since 2012. He wrote several academic and professional articles which were presented in international conferences and submitted to ranked journals. A number of articles are currently being reviewed for publication. Mohamed is currently an assistant professor at EDHEC Business School. He has research interests in the domains of strategic and project management, technology innovation, knowledge management, and enterpreneurship. Mohamed's current research addresses issues of coordination in complex projects from an organization theory perspective. Concurrently, Mohamed is also interested in research that cross-fertilises organization theories with other disciplines from different theoretical horizons.

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