GIANFRATE Gianfranco, PhD


Speciality : Finance
Expertise : Sustainable finance, socially responsible investing, climate change finance, venture capital, private equity, IPO, crowdfunding, crowdlending, corporate valuation, shareholders activism, institutional investors

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06202 Nice Cedex 3
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Gianfranco Gianfrate is Professor of Finance at EDHEC Business School. He writes and researches on topics related to innovation financing, corporate valuation, and climate change finance. Prior to joining EDHEC Business School, he held teaching and research positions at Erasmus University (Netherlands), Harvard University (USA), and Bocconi University (Italy). Gianfranco also has extensive experience in the financial industry, having worked, among others, for Deloitte Corporate Finance (Italy), Hermes Investment Management (UK), and iStarter (UK). Gianfranco holds a BA and a PhD in Business Administration from Bocconi University and a Master in Public Administration from Harvard University.

Main academic publications

Journal of Corporate Finance (2022), Covid Economics (2021), The Energy Journal (2020), Energy Policy (2020), Journal of Cleaner Production (2019 ; 2020), Harvard Business Review (2019), Journal of Accounting and Public Policy (2017), Journal of Private Equity (2016 ; 2015), Corporate Ownership and Control (2012 ; 2009 ; 2007), Corporate Governance: An International Review (2007)

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EDHEC Publications

Journal of Corporate Finance, February 2022
Climate-aware institutional investors are assumed to affect the transition towards a low carbon economy by exercising their prerogatives as owners of...