Speciality : Innovation Management, Strategic Management, Technology Management, Strategy
Expertise : Industries: Automobile, Information and Communication Technology, Energy, Food - Topic: Transformation, Strategy, Innovation, Future Trends, Future Mobility, Future Energy

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René Rohrbeck, PhD, is a Professor of Strategy and holder of the chair on “Innovation and Continuous Transformation” at the EDHEC Business School, France. He holds a doctorate from the Technical University Berlin. In his main research field “Corporate Foresight” he is an internationally recognized thought leader and award winner. He has developed the maturity model for the future orientation of organizations and continuously develops new methods and tools that help organizations to look into the future and manage strategy and innovation under uncertainty.

René Rohrbeck has developed a portfolio of Executive Education courses on strategic foresight, which he has delivered around the world, both as open programs and customized courses for individual organizations. He teaches Strategy, Strategic Foresight, and Business Model Innovation on different MBA programs.

René Rohrbeck’s research has been published in leading international journals, and he is the author of Corporate Foresight: Towards a Maturity Model for the Future Orientation of a Firm. For his maturity model he received the Best Paper Award of the ODC division at the 2010 Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management and the Most Significant Futures Work award from the Association of Professional Futurist. He served as Editor of two special issues in the journal Technological Forecasting and Social Change, and the journal IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management. René has authored more than 30 peer-reviewed publications, and he is among the top five international researchers on strategic foresight.

Before joining academia, René Rohrbeck worked for seven years in industry, including Volkswagen in electronic strategy and Deutsche Telekom on new business creation and strategic foresight. As a consultant, he has supported firms in the automotive, ICT, water, waste, and energy industries to build robust strategies, develop new growth areas, and drive innovation.

Main academic publications

Futures & Foresight Science (2020), Technology Innovation Management Review (2019), R&D Management (2009 ; 2010), Business and Organizational Excellence (2009), Technology Analysis & Strategic Management (2009 ; 2018), Technological Forecasting and Social Change (2011 ; 2012 ; 2013 ; 2015 ; 2017 ; 2018 ; 2020), Futures (2011), International Journal of Technology Management (2013), Journal of Futures Studies (2017)

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