Arnaud Monnier

Assistant Professor

Management in Innovative Health Chair Research Associate

Main contributions

Journal of Consumer Research

Discipline: Marketing
Faculty: Marketing
Expertise: Behavioral Pricing, Self-Production, Consumer Well-Being, Food Decision-Making, Consumers’ Responses to Marketing Practices


I am an incoming Assistant Professor of Marketing at EDHEC Business School (France), and a fresh Ph.D. graduate from Cornell University (May 2022). I am a consumer psychologist who examines the psychology of perceived value. In a first stream of research, I build on behavioral pricing research to study how subtle changes in the environment (e.g., how product quantity is described) affect the perceived economic value of products. In a second area of research, I examine the psychological benefits of, and antecedents of, feelings of groundedness—an understudied but fascinating and important construct for consumer well-being. In a third area of research, I am interested in food decision-making, and in particular in how changes in the food ecosystem could help consumers make healthier decisions. My research has been published in the Journal of Consumer Research (see Monnier and Thomas 2022, and Allen, Gupta, and Monnier 2008), and the Journal of the Association for Consumer Research (see Monnier et al. 2022).

Publications of Arnaud Monnier

04.03.2022 - Article in a peer reviewed journal

Experiential and Analytical Price Evaluations: How Experiential Product Description Affects Prices

Arnaud Monnier

Journal of Consumer Research, Volume 49, December 2022