Gianpaolo Parise


Main contributions

Journal of Financial Economics (2018 ; 2020), Review of Financial Studies (2019)

Discipline: Finance
Faculty: Data Science, Economics & Finance
Expertise: Institutional Investors, Corporate Finance


Gianpaolo Parise is a Professor at EDHEC Business School and a CEPR research affiliate. Before joining EDHEC, Gianpaolo was an Economist at the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) and a research visitor at Harvard University. He received his PhD from the Swiss Finance Institute at the University of Lugano. His main research interests are in the areas of Institutional Investors, Asset Management, Household Finance, and Corporate Finance. His research has been published in top finance outlets such as the Journal of Financial Economics and the Review of Financial Studies.

Publications of Gianpaolo Parise

16.04.2024 - Article in a peer reviewed journal

Debt De-risking

Gianpaolo Parise

Management Science, April 2024

15.10.2023 - Article in a non peer reviewed journal

Smoke and Mirrors: A look inside ESG fund portfolios

Gianpaolo Parise, Mirco Rubin

Voxeu, Volume 1, October 2023

12.09.2023 - Article in a peer reviewed journal

Revisiting Family Firms

Gianpaolo Parise

Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, September 2023

01.10.2022 - EDHEC publication

Can cancer lead to crime?

Kim Peijnenburg, Gianpaolo Parise

EDHEC VOX, October 2022

10.04.2021 - Article in a non peer reviewed journal

Breaking bad: The effects of health shocks on crime

Kim Peijnenburg, Andersen Steffen, Gianpaolo Parise

VoxEU, April 2021, Pages 1 - 1

Derniers articles EDHEC Vox


Can cancer lead to crime?

  • Kim Peijnenburg , Professor
  • Gianpaolo Parise , Professor