Maïlys George

Assistant Professor

Diversity & Inclusion Chair Research Associate

Main contributions

Academy of Management Annals

Discipline: Management
Faculty: Management & Humanities
Expertise: Role Transitions, Identity threat, Identity work


Before joining EDHEC, Maïlys George was a postdoctoral researcher at IESE Business School, and obtained her PhD in organizational behavior in 2021 at ESSEC. Maïlys's research revolves around two broad themes: Role transitions, and identity. Her research on role transitions explores how individuals move across different positions and the challenges that accompany such movement. In her research on identity, she investigates how individuals sustain representations of themselves that foster feelings of continuity and coherence in contexts characterized by uncertainty. Her work explores the intersection of the two themes and the role of identity in undertaking and navigating role transitions.

Publications of Maïlys George

27.07.2023 - Article in a peer reviewed journal

When “who I am” is under threat: Measures of threat to identity value, meanings, and enactment

Maïlys George, Strauss, K, Mell, J N, Vough, H C

Journal of Applied Psychology, July 2023

01.09.2022 - Chapter publication

An Identity Work Perspective of Expatriates and Cross-cultural Transitions: A Review and Future Research Agenda

Kraimer, M L, Reiche, B S, Maïlys George

Routledge, New York, September 2022

07.07.2021 - Article in a peer reviewed journal

Transitioning the Study of Role Transitions: From an Attribute-based to an Experience-based Approach

Maïlys George, Wittman, S, Rockmann, K W

Academy of Management Annals, Volume 16, January 2022, Pages 102 - 133