Serge da Motta Veiga


Diversity & Inclusion Chair Research Associate

Main contributions

Journal of Applied Behavioral Science (2022), Journal of Applied Psychology (2016 ; 2017 ; 2022), Organization Science (2021), Journal of Vocational Behavior (2018 ; 2020 : 2021), Journal of Business Ethics (2020), Personnel Psychology (2013 ; 2019), Journal of Managerial Issues (2018), Journal of Vocational Behavior (2018 ; 2020), Human Resource Management (2018 ; 2021), Career Development International (2017 ; 2021), HUMOR: International Journal of Humor Research (2017), Journal of Career Development (2015), Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes (2014), Journal of Organizational Behavior (2013)

Discipline: Human Resource Management
Faculty: Management & Humanities
Expertise: Talent Management, Career Management, Job Search, Recruitment, Motivation


Serge da Motta Veiga is Professor of Human Resource Management at EDHEC Business School. Prior to joining EDHEC, he was a Professor of Management at American University in Washington, DC. He earned his Ph.D. in Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior from the University of Missouri, and a license in Economics from the Université Libre de Bruxelles in Belgium. His research interests revolve around job search and recruitment, at the intersection between career and talent management. He is also looking at the importance of diversity and inclusion practices as they pertain to these processes. His work has been published in leading journals including the Journal of Applied Psychology, Organization Science, Personnel Psychology, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Human Resource Management, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Vocational Behavior, and the Journal of Organizational Behavior. For more information: Personal Website - LinkedIn  

Publications of Serge da Motta Veiga

15.03.2023 - Article in a peer reviewed journal

Seeming Ethical Makes You Attractive: Unraveling How Ethical Perceptions of AI in Hiring Impacts Organizational Innovativeness and Attractiveness

Serge da Motta Veiga, Maria Figueroa-Armijos, Brent B Clark

Journal of Business Ethics, March 2023, Pages 1 - 18

10.10.2022 - EDHEC publication

Les (réels) bénéfices des pauses et d’une prise de distance durant une recherche d'emploi

Serge da Motta Veiga

EDHEC Open-Leadership Chair for Diversity & Inclusion, EDHEC VOX, October 2022

09.09.2022 - Article in a peer reviewed journal

Considering artificial intelligence in hiring for cybervetting purposes

Serge da Motta Veiga, Maria Figueroa-Armijos

Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice, Volume 15, September 2022, Pages 354 - 356

21.06.2022 - Article in a peer reviewed journal

Ethical Perceptions of AI in Hiring and Organizational Trust: The Role of Performance Expectancy and Social Influence

Maria Figueroa-Armijos, Brent B Clark, Serge da Motta Veiga

Journal of Business Ethics, June 2022

05.04.2022 - Article in a peer reviewed journal

Research productivity of management faculty: Job demands-resources approach

Serge da Motta Veiga, Barney Chet, Clark Brent

Career Development International, Volume 27, April 2022, Pages 161 - 184