DAVY Dennis

Coordinator of the Language Entrance Examinations & Associate Professor

Speciality : English
Expertise : Discourse analysis, Lexicology, Pedagogical creativity, English world cultures

EDHEC Business School
24, avenue Gustave Delory
CS 50411
59057 Roubaix Cedex 1 - France
Tel.: + 33 (0)3 20 15 45 00
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Email : dennis.davy@edhec.edu


Dennis Davy has taught English and trained language teachers in a variety of contexts since 1980, in Germany, Japan, Algeria, Qatar and Oman. Since arriving in France in 1993, he has worked with undergraduate and postgraduate students in a range of French universities and Grandes Ecoles, teaching classes in General and Business English, and providing a variety of theme-based courses, including the history of pop and rock music, the cultures of the Englishspeaking world, the city of London, British newspapers and British art and literature. He has also provided tailor-made courses for French judges, magistrates, notaries, economists and scientists within the context of continuing education. After lecturing in English and French at the University of London Institute in Paris and then working as the Head of the Languages Department at MIP School of Management, Dennis has been a lecturer at the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris since 2008 and an associate professor at EDHEC since 2011. Dennis is currently the Coordinator of the ‘Concours Langues’ (Competitive Language Entrance Examinations) for students wishing to enter EDHECs Master’s programmes. He is also teaching Business English to students in the 2nd year of the EDHEC BBA in Lille. His primary research interests include discourse analysis in professional contexts, neologisms in Business French, lexicology, and word-formational processes in English and French. He has also designed and delivered postgraduate courses in applied linguistics, translation and language didactics. Dennis speaks French, German and Japanese fluently and has a good command of Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic. He holds degrees from the universities of Oxford, Lancaster and Cambridge in French and German Literature, Language Teaching Pedagogy and English and Applied Linguistics.

Main academic publications

European Journal of International Management (2018), Journal of Management Development (2016), Gérer et Comprendre (2014)

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