VAISSIE Mathieu, PhD

Research Associate, EDHEC-Risk Institute

Speciality : Finance


Email : [email protected]

Main academic publications

Banques & Marchés (2003), Journal of Asset Management (2003), Financial Stability Review (2003), Journal of Alternative Investments (2004 ; 2006 ; 2012), Journal of Indexes (2005), Journal of Risk Finance (2006), Risk (2006), European Financial Management (2007), Journal of Banking and Finance (2012),

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EDHEC Publications

We then propose to leverage on this factor to identify fund of hedge fund managers who turn out to be good at capturing the upside while controlling...
Changes in the regulatory framework and in accounting rules make it even trickier for insurance companies. Against this backdrop, insurers have no...
Still, funds of hedge funds keep on experiencing outflows. Can this phenomenon be explained by the failure...
This inadequacy came to light in a study published by Edhec in 2003, a study that showed that a very large...