Skrålan Vergauwe

Associate Professor

Main contributions

Accounting and Business Research (2019), European Journal of Finance (2019), Journal of Corporate Finance (2015 ; 2019), International Review of Financial Analysis (2014)

Discipline: Accounting
Faculty: Accounting, Control & Legal Affairs
Expertise: Corporate decision-making, Disclosure, Fraud, Tax avoidance


Skrålan Vergauwe, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Accounting at EDHEC Business School. She holds a PhD in Business Economics from KU Leuven. Prior to joining EDHEC Business School, Skrålan worked at Lancaster University in the United Kingdom. Her research interests include corporate decision-making, disclosure, fraud and tax avoidance. Her work has been published in Journal of Corporate Finance, Accounting and Business Research, International Review of Financial Analysis and European Journal of Finance.

Publications of Skrålan Vergauwe

01.10.2015 - Article in a peer reviewed journal

Tournament incentives and corporate fraud

Lars Helge Haß, Maximilian A. Müller, Skrålan Vergauwe

Journal of Corporate Finance, October 2015

01.12.2014 - Article in a peer reviewed journal

Corporate governance and the information environment: Evidence from Chinese stock markets

Lars Helge Haß, Skrålan Vergauwe, Qiyu Zhang

International Review of Financial Analysis, December 2014