Corporate foresight as a microfoundation of dynamic capabilities

Futures & Foresight Science, Spring 2020, Vol. 2 N° 1 pp. 1 - 11


Jan Oliver Schwarz

ESB Business School, Strategic Management and Leadership, Reutlingen University, Reutlingen, Germany

René Rohrbeck

EDHEC Business School, Chair for Foresight, Innovation and Transformation, Roubaix, France

Bernhard Wach

Department of Management, University of Paderborn, Paderborn, Germany

Futures & Foresight Science, Spring 2020, Vol. 2 N° 1 pp. 1 - 11

Type: Academic publication
Date: le 23/12/2019
Research Cluster : Marketing
Source : Futures & Foresight Science

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